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Sewer Repair Tips

Common Misconceptions About Professional Sewer Repair

Homeowners typically pay attention to their plumbing when they have a leaky pipe or clogged drains, however, they rarely think about their home sewer lines. Because they are out of sight, people rarely consider the fact that they do need just as much maintenance and repairs as the rest of a plumbing system. Unfortunately, there are plenty of myths surrounding professional sewer repair that often result in people avoiding repairs. Here are but a few of the more common myths that can result in problems.

Myth 1: Repairing a Sewer Line Means Digging Up a Driveway or Yard

There once was a time when this myth was true. In order to get access to a sewer line, professionals first had to dig up the line. This would often destroy a yard or driveway, so homeowners were reluctant to call somebody to repair their sewer lines. These days, most sewer repairs can be achieved with little or no digging. Professionals that use trenchless repair first use a camera to see inside the sewer line in order to diagnose any damage. Next, they line the pipe with some epoxy resin that will create a pipe-within-a-pipe. This lining stops the likes of tree branches from breaking through and calcification from taking hold. It is an easy and efficient way to repair a sewer without damage being done to your property.

Myth 2: Damage to Sewers Is Rare

The reason for this myth goes back to sewer lines being out of sight and out of mind. While it is true that an underground sewer line will not have as many problems as the pipes and drains in a home, they are still prone to the likes of corrosion, obstructions from tree roots, or clogs due to flushing the wrong materials down the drains or toilets.

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