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Sewer Installation Timeframes

How Long Does It Take for Sewer Pipe Installation?  

New sewer pipe installation is often needed when your system is old and needs frequent repairs. Among the many questions, property owners ask is, “how long will it take?” So take a look at the aspects that can affect the duration of a sewer installation.


Like other sewer repair services, a sewer pipe installation will be time-consuming and demanding. Technicians without experience installing sewer pipes will take longer to complete the task. However, well-trained plumbing technicians with years of experience will take less time to do the job.

Method of Installation

How the pipes are installed will also play a big part in determining the time frame. On average, a traditional dig-and-replace installation method takes approximately five days, more or less. However, a no-dig pipe installation can take a couple of hours or a day at the most.

Location of the Pipe

Sewer pipe installation can go either way, depending on where the pipes are situated. The same principle is applicable for sewer pipe repairs many meters deep into the soil, as it can take longer to dig out and replace than ones that sit a few meters deep. Remember, the depth of the hole in commercial areas is not the same as in residential areas.

Therefore, technicians will take less time to install sewer pipes in residential areas when compared to commercial spaces.

Size and Type of Sewer Pipes

Sewer pipes are available in various sizes and materials, ranging from PVC, cast-iron, clay, and ABS, all of which are popular materials. Cast iron pipes, although much heavier and denser, making them more demanding and time-consuming to install. PVC and ABS pipes are the most popular today and are not so strenuous to install.

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