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Plumbers With Their Unusual Plumbing System Finds

Unexpected Finds in Plumbing Systems!  

If you thought cleaning up a hairy ball of filth from your shower drain is disgusting, just wait till you see what these plumbers discovered! Don’t worry, not all of them are unpleasant; in fact, some of them are pretty touching. Here is what a plumber can usually find in drains:


A customer with a blocked toilet called Mr. Rooter. The technician removed the upper and lower dentures from the toilet as he probed the pipes to determine the cause. Where did his dentures go? the consumer questioned. He must have had a little too much to drink the previous evening since he unintentionally put money in the porcelain wishing well.

Alive Kitten

Auto mechanics listen for sounds to identify issues all the time, but they rarely hear a kitten meowing in pain. Before realizing the source of the meows was an exposed subterranean pipe outside the shop, this group of guys heard them for days. The workers were attempting to dig up the pipe after other agencies had unsuccessfully attempted to save the kitten when they noticed Roto-Rooter driver Kevin Adkins driving by. They flagged him down, and Adkins used the vacuum truck’s lowest setting to gently suction the kitten out of the pipe. One of the mechanics at the auto shop took the kitten in as his own.


Plumbers are frequently called to deal with burst frozen pipes during a period of frigid weather, but Mallick Plumbing and Heating in the Washington, D.C., region received a call regarding a main sewer backup. When the plumbing contractors arrived, they discovered that the sewage line had frozen solid and that the feces-filled section of pipe needed to be taken out and rebuilt. The technician discovered this “poopsicle” after removing the pipe.

Diamond Ring

The Mr. Rooter team was working on a client project that would take two days when they observed a shiny object fall from a sewage line. The dazzling object was a custom-made diamond ring that the customer’s daughter had left on the counter next to the sink over ten years prior and lost.

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