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How to Fix a Leaky Pipe Until the Plumber Arrives

Stop That Leak

You become aware of a leaking pipe in your bathroom in the middle of the night. When you call a licensed plumber for an urgent repair, they agree to come out right soon, but during that time, water is dripping all over the place. How do you behave?

Steps to Fix a Leaky Pipe

Try the following procedures to mend your leaky pipe temporarily. While repairing the pipe won’t provide a lasting solution, it can help limit the damage until a licensed plumbing contractor shows up.

Stop the Water Flow

Stopping water flow via a faulty pipe is necessary before you can mend it. If you are still determining the location of the water supply valve for that specific pipe, switch off the main shut-off valve in your home. Run the faucet closest to the leak after that to remove any residual water.

Wipe the Pipe and Dry

No repair will adhere effectively to a moist surface, so dry the pipe using a clean cloth. While at it, mop the floor, clean the surrounding cupboards and fixtures, and tidy up the space. By doing this, you may prevent further harm and have the space ready for the expert to repair.

Tighten the Joints

Examine the plumbing near the pipe leak and tighten the adjoining joints with an adjustable wrench. If the fittings aren’t snug, tightening them can assist in creating a stronger seal, extending the life of your temporary fix until the professional plumbing contractor shows up.

Prepare the Pipe

Make sure the surface is smooth before attempting to repair a leaky pipe because a rough surface will prevent the fix from sticking. Sandpaper or a metal file can delicately remove rust or rough areas close to the leak.

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