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How to Determine if You Need Sewer Repair

Do You Need Sewer Line Repair?

Do you require sewer repair? Depending on the symptoms, locating plumbing issues can be simple or challenging. A clogged drain is an obvious symptom, but how can you tell if your sewage pipes are cracked many yards away from your home before the issue becomes more obvious? Here are a few indicators from a plumber that you can use to determine whether you require sewage line repair.

Some Basic Signs That You Need Sewer Line Repair

There are clear and less evident symptoms when trying to spot plumbing issues. In certain instances, the necessity for sewage line repair is obvious due to obstructions and mold throughout the house. However, there may be other, less visible signs, and you’ll need to know what to look for.

Low Water Levels

If you observe that the water levels in your toilets fluctuate frequently, this could clearly indicate sewer line damage. It’s difficult to determine whether a blockage or leas is to blame. Calling a qualified plumber to have it inspected is necessary for this reason.


An odd smell emanating from the earth, particularly outside the house, is another prevalent indicator. Sometimes you may even smell it in basements or bathrooms. If you cannot uncover any other potential sources for the odor, ask a plumber to conduct an inspection.

Slow Draining

Given that it will affect the plumbing throughout the house, this is one of the most evident indications. If you notice the water draining slowly while taking a shower, flushing the toilet, or even letting the water run in the sink, it might be a symptom of more serious issues. The delayed drainage will impact more than one room since several plumbing systems will be compromised.


If you see mold or mildew spreading throughout the house, it is another telltale indicator. Once more, this is frequently disregarded because homeowners attribute the problem to other factors like rain damage, an inoperable air conditioner, or something else. Plumbing is the final prime suspect if the other suspects are not responsible.

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