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Hiring a Plumber to Inspect Your Plumbing System

Roots Can Lead to Plumbing Drama

While trees may be a sight to behold, if their flourishing roots obstruct your plumbing, they could also negatively affect your property. A skilled plumber is all too aware that root obstruction is a problem that affects many homeowners but can have serious consequences. Be alert this spring for any indications that a root obstruction has affected your plumbing system if there are large trees close to your home.

Unusual Growth

Identifying a potential root issue is often possible by assessing how lush your landscaping is. It may indicate that a tree’s roots have taken up residence in your sewer line if you observe that it is doing better than the nearby shrubs. Other warning indications of an issue are overtly lush patches of grass, extraordinary bush growth, and sinkholes in the yard. You might have a plumbing emergency if your feet sink into your lawn. Pipes with root damage frequently develop leaks. These leaks have the potential to flood your yard quickly. This water may cause some of the yard to sink in, a warning sign for a root obstruction.

Your Home’s Drainage Slows Considerably

Naturally, your home will have some issues with how pipes, toilets, and drains function when your pipes become backed up with root growth. One of the earliest symptoms of a systemic obstruction is when the drains in your bathtubs and sinks don’t empty. Don’t ask for assistance from the chemical drain cleaner! This approach can not only fail to remove a root obstruction from the pipe, it might also cause more pipe damage inside the house.

Foul Smells Around The Property

Remember that your property’s front is where your sewer line starts. Therefore, a rotten odor from your front yard is an emergency plumbing situation and a sure symptom of a sewage line issue. Your family’s health and the health of guests who come to your house are seriously endangered by sewage and the stink it produces. Keep an eye out for any waste-like odors, and contact a reputable plumber if you notice any.

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