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Not Everything Can Be Done by Yourself  

There are many moments when DIY home plumbing repair projects can save you money. Handy Castro Valley, CA homeowners can make plumbing repairs to running toilets, minor pipe leaks, and clogged toilets and drains with the right tools. Local home stores make it seem easy to find the right parts and offer some expert tips.

Homeowners can also easily clear minor hair clogs from the lavatory sink drain and shower with specialty plumbing repair tools that won’t damage their drain pipes. With a wrench and some little know-how, tightening loose faucet pipes is another easy home plumbing repair that can help save homeowners from paying a licensed plumber.

However, when it comes to fully protect your home against greater water damage, most plumbing repairs are best left to an expert and professional plumbing repair specialists. Plumbers go through a lot of extensive training, education refresher courses, and years of on-the-job experience to accurately locate and repair plumbing leaks, install gas lines safely, and clear drains without having to damage the pipes.

Safety is always the number one reason and priority to leave plumbing repair projects to skilled tradesmen. Plumbing service and repair like the ones we offer here at Castro Valley's H & R Plumbing often requires some digging, loads of specialty skills like soldering, and knowledge of plumbing code and how plumbing systems work. Many home plumbing repair projects, such as replacing water pipes or gas lines, and even sewer lines, require digging. Only our licensed and insured plumbers know to contact the right authorities before any trenching or excavation to mark underground lines that could be damaged or affected in the process. Knowing where the pipe and gas lines run and how to safely access pipes being replaced is part of a plumber’s expert knowledge and training.

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