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Have You Experienced Drain Cleaner?

Got Your Drains Clogged and Tried Everything?

Sometimes, a clogged drain is cleaned with sulfuric acid drain cleaner, however this method can also be quite harmful. It is simple to use, accessible in low concentrations, and capable of chemically dissolving the majority of materials. It also produces some heat, which will aid in the melting of obstructions. But when handled incorrectly, it can produce lethal fumes, be extremely corrosive, inflict major harm if it comes into contact with the skin, and even cause death.

Although there may be some elements that are unknown or unplanned that can lead to disaster, most worries can be allayed when sulfuric acid is handled in compliance with all safety procedures. One of the main advantages of utilizing sulfuric acid to unclog drains is that practically any reasonable obstruction can be removed with the exception of exceptionally heavy and solid obstructions caused by inorganic materials.

Because it is simply poured down a drain and left, this chemical does not require any specific training to use. Because leftovers can be saved for subsequent use and because it can be applied to any drain without taking up any space, a cleaner with a sulfuric acid base is also practical and affordable. The chemical reaction that allows this type of drain cleaner to dissolve the material in a blockage also leads it to dissolve practically everything it comes in contact with, which regrettably includes clothing and skin. This is something to keep in mind while using this type of drain cleaner.

You should give it some time to work after pouring it down the drain. Acid that is left in the drain after a clog has been cleared can be problematic for the plumbers who come to unclog it. It is not permitted to use it in drains equipped with garbage disposals or other mechanisms that could splash acid outside. If you have exhausted all options to clear your drains, call Castro Valley's H & R Plumbing in Castro Valley, CA right away at (510) 296-9840.