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Early Indications of Serious Plumbing Problems

Early Indications of Serious Plumbing Problems  

Issues Requiring the Services of a Qualified Plumber

Plumbing leaks are something most homeowners are afraid to even think about. They lead to spikes in the utility bills, unreasonably high water consumption, and property damage. This is way, this blog post will shed some light on the signs of serious plumbing issues:

  • Slab leaks. Do you see any wet spots on your foundation? Do you sense musty smell in your basement? Although there could be a few reasons for that trouble, usually, a plumbing leak is the culprit to blame. Your underground pipes have failed, resulting in breakdowns, leaks, and excessive moisture in your home’s concrete slab. You have to take immediate actions and call a proficient plumber to perform the necessary inspections and troubleshooting.

  • Ceiling leaks. Moist spots on your ceiling are unsightly and dangerous. They will not only make you invest more money for re-painting and mold remediation but also compromise your property’s structural integrity. Again, here there could be several different causes of such a problem but in order to be sure what it is, you should call a professional plumbing contractor. A team of specialists will tackle it in a timely and efficient manner. And remember, seeing a single wet spot on your ceiling doesn’t mean that there is only one leak. Very often, there are several leaks and this is just the beginning of the problem.

  • Water heater leaks. Generally speaking, major water heater leaks are a sign of an urgent replacement. However, sometimes, it could be a worn fitting or broken seal. So, consulting with a knowledgeable plumber beforehand is a wise decision. Such specialist will check your entire device figuring out the reason for this issue and suggesting the most appropriate solution. Doing anything on it yourself is not recommended, experts warn.

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