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Do I Need a Plumbing Repair Service for My Leaky Faucet?

Be Sure to Have Your Leaky Faucet Fixed ASAP  

Leaks are unsightly and it’s a sign of a plumbing problem. They can cause more problems as they cause water damage to your home. If you’ve been dealing with leaks that have been ruining your home due to your plumbing issues, it might be time to call a plumbing repair contractor. Here are what to do:

Check the Faucet

The first thing that you need to do before calling a plumber is to check the faucet. Remove the aerator so you can hear the sound of the running water. If you can hear the running water, then the problem is with your water supply line. So, make sure to check the water supply line. Also, you can try to turn on the water and let it run for a few minutes in case the water softener is offline. Lastly, make sure to turn off the water supply line by unclipping the supply line.

Look for Holes

There are chances that the leak is coming from the aerator. If there are holes in your aerator, then you have a problem and it’s time to call a plumber.

Repair Any Issues

If the aerator is the source of the problem, then you will need to replace it. Don’t ever try to remove the aerator on your own if you are inexperienced in the job. This job should be done by an expert plumber.

Clean the Dirt and Debris

If you’ve fixed the aerator, then you need to clean any dirt and debris that’s preventing the water from flowing to its fullest. This way, the leak can be repaired. If you do it right, you won’t have any problems with your water supply line in the future. Let experts handle the repair for you.

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