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Delaying Plumbing Repair Comes With Risks

Don’t Neglect Drainage System Repairs

Keeping your drainage system in good repair is paramount to the health and well-being of your home or commercial property. Did you know that neglecting to maintain your drainage system can lead to a series of risks or dangers? So be sure to call for a quality plumbing repair service whenever you notice signs of drainage issues. In this blog post, we’re unpacking the four key risks associated with neglecting the maintenance of your drainage system to ensure you properly care for your property.

Contaminated Water

When drainage systems are not maintained, debris and other objects can become caught within the pipes, inhibiting water from flowing through them. Without regular repair and maintenance services, your pipes can become blocked and lead to water overflowing back through the drainage system. In turn, the water can become contaminated with area runoff, pet waste, and more, leading to health risks.


Regular repair and maintenance of a drainage system can save you from costly inconvenience. When waste and debris are caught in the drainage system, it can potentially cause pipe breakages, flooding, and more. With regular repair and maintenance of your drainage system, you can avoid unexpected repairs or damages.

Insect Infestations

When a drainage system isn’t properly maintained and instead allows water to overflow, the chances of insect infestations increase. Insects such as fruit flies, ants, and mosquitoes appreciate the presence of water and will flock to the source of moisture, thus potentially finding their way into a property.

Costly Damages

As stated before, a lack of maintenance to your drainage system can lead to costly damages, such as pipe breakages, soil erosion, and flooding. In some cases, entire plumbing systems need to be replaced or upgraded, leading to expensive repair invoices.

For all your drainage system repair needs, turn to Castro Valley's H & R Plumbing for quality and reliable service. Don’t forget that neglecting to perform maintenance of your drainage system can lead to overflows, infestations, and costly damages. Instead, give us a call at (510) 296-9840 so we can provide you with quality professional plumbing repair and maintenance services in Castro Valley, CA.