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2022 Prices for Sewer Installation

How Much Does Sewer Line Installation Cost?  

Many property owners ask the question of how much it will cost to perform a sewer installation. The average cost to install a sewer line is in the regions of $1,300 to $5,100

If your home is already connected to the local sewer system, this will allow you to do such things as the dishes, wash your hands, shower, or just flush the toilet. Sewer lines connected to the main drain are the responsibility of the homeowner that includes installation, repair, or replacement when necessary.

The average cost of sewer line installation is approximately $3,200.

What is the price to Install a Sewer Line Per Linear Foot?

The average cost to install a sewer line starts from $50 to $250 a linear foot. Sewer line pipes are around 5 inches in diameter and will be under your yard from your home to the main sewer drain.

How Much Are Installations In Your Region?

The cost to install a sewer line will vary by location, as different cities will have their own set prices depending on the water resources and the current setup.

Below are a few examples of what it could cost to install a sewer line in areas all across the country:

  • Miami: $1,760

  • Chicago: $2,310

  • Boston: $2,420

  • New Orleans: $1,600

  • Dallas: $1,630

  • New York: $3,400

  • Portland: $4,160

  • Detroit: $3,420

  • Houston: $2,940

  • Los Angeles: $4,130

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Sewer Line Yourself?

You must always hire a plumber that has good reviews when it comes to installing your sewer line. This job takes specialized knowledge and experience that most homeowners simply do not possess. Because a malfunctioning sewer line will result in backed-up drains and expensive repairs, meaning it is one home project that is best left to the professionals.

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